District 4’s volunteer responders are your neighbors, friends, and family members.  They are the first people on your doorstep when you call 911 for a fire, accident, or medical emergency.  Over the last 4+ years our volunteers have responded to over 1,200 emergencies.

Although individuals cycle in and out of service over the years, we support an average of 20 active emergency response volunteers. Including our board and our other “non-combat” volunteers, we number approximately 30.  In 2018 these dedicated people volunteered approximately 7,000 hours of their time to the needs of our residents and visitors. Several have been with the district for decades. Some are the third generation of their family to serve. 


We also support a Juniors program, giving our resident high school students the opportunity to train with us and be prepared to enter the medical and firefighting certification classes as soon as they are old enough to qualify.


Volunteers Value

We value our volunteers greatly here at Clallam County FD4. Our volunteers are the main connection between the Fire Fighting family, and the Community itself. We value Their unique perspective on how our work affects their families, and we hope to continue with our volunteer program for years to come!

Volunteer Training

Our volunteers have extensive training. From Practice CPR and Medical Emergency Scenarios, along with controlled burns and equipment practice, to using the Jaws of Life to pry open an old vehicle.

Volunteer Commitment

Our volunteers are the some of the most committed staff we have. They take their positions and their work seriously, bringing safety and security to the community as a whole!

Where to begin

Highschool aged students have a program specific to them called the Explorers group. Here, senior staff and volunteers conduct most of their training, meeting about once a week. This program gives young men and women the opportunity to gain experience, and integruty. Additionally, it gives them a unique perspective into this carrier, and gives them the opportunity to decide whether or not this might be the right path for them. Head to the Contact page to talk to someone about signing up today!

Adults Influence

Adults get the same training as our Highschooler's. The difference is that once training is complete, they have the opportunity to go on real calls and make a real difference in our community.


All volunteers have the opportunity to participate in fundraiser and awareness events. Allowing them to step into the community and answer questions about the highly influential role of the volunteer worker.



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