How can you volunteer?

You can help us help you!
By volunteering in any capacity, at the Fire District, you can help. Our active responders do as much as they can, in addition to responding to the 911 calls, holding down regular jobs, and meeting their familial obligations. In 2019, these 30 volunteers put in over 7,000 hours of time to supporting the district and our community. This is the equivalent of 1.35 months of full-time employment from each volunteer. We do a lot, but it’s not enough.

Happily, we have several “non-combat” volunteers. These are members of your community who help in areas other than firefighting or medical response, by mowing lawns, cleaning, landscaping, building maintenance, document filing, and a myriad of other daily ongoing tasks that help keep the district properties and operations functioning smoothly. 

If you have a bit of spare time, and want to help support the district, you are welcome to give us a call, or stop by and we would be glad to chat about where your skills would be a help. 


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